Property Management
Company in Chennai

Onyx Property Management Services in Chennai is a one-stop destination for NRIs and Local Residents of Chennai and Kodaikanal for all your Property needs.

Onyx Groups is a Highly Professional and Experienced Real Estate Company in Chennai offers well Developed Plots and Independent Villas is now expanding the operations soon all over India. Other than buying and selling of properties we are Top Leading Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai helps you to find reliable tenant for all your Residential and Commercial Property needs and other Maintenance Services related to your property.

We provide entire range and Best Residential Property Management Services for NRIs and Local Residents of Chennai and Kodaikanal.

Tenancy Services

Homes, Villas & Apartments

Onyx Property Management is the overseeing of Residential, Commercial, including Apartments, Villas and Plots. The Company typically involves in managing of property that is owned by another party or entity. The Company acts on behalf of the owner to preserve and maintain the value of the property while generating income.

Let us guide your actions, protect your property and keep an alert, attentive focus, at all times. We manage your tenants, payment of taxes, legal requirements, unexpected complexities and so much more.

  • Listing Your Property
  • Find the Right Tenant
  • Get Rental payments on time
  • Legal Work & Documentation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Eliminating Frauds
  • 24/7 Customer Support
Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai

Property Management Services

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Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai

Listing Your Property

At Onyx Property Management, we ensure that your property is listed in all the right portals with the right marketing strategy backing it. Make the most of this opportunity to be visible and post unlimited listings.

Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai

Find the Right Tenant

Leave the problem with us and expect verified tenants in on time. when tenant and landlord are both happy with the deal. This means keeping risks out, with clear and transparent paperwork.

Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai

Get Rental payments on time

No more chasing tenants for rents, deposits or unpaid bills. We take care of all the prompt payments and receivables to you. So you are totally stress-free. We assure you timely rentals.

Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai

Legal Work & Documentation

We process all documentation, rental agreements and other statutory paperwork thoroughly. Our team of legal experts will ensure that as a landlord you are protected against all unforeseen circumstances.

Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai

Service and Maintenance

We manage and carry out necessary Repairs including Renovation, Refurbishing, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Cleaning, Flooring, Indoor and Outdoor Paintings and more...

Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai

Eliminating Frauds

We stay on high alert for fraud and illegal accounts with systematic screening and proper background checks, to make sure that your tenants are exactly who they claim to be.

Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai

24/7 Customer Support

Providing Best Customer Service by working round the clock to look after our property and tenant.

Monitoring / Maintenance

Plot, Land & Properties

Let us guide your actions, protect your property and keep an alert, attentive focus, at all times. We manage your tenants, payment of taxes, legal requirements, unexpected complexities and so much more.

Investing in real estate has always been fruitful. The returns in investing in land are time tested. Owning a property is great. But, how safe is your property? You might have heard or read in newspapers regarding misusing of empty properties. Miscreants and people who have intention to encroach usually have an eye on property that is obviously not watched. You or someone whom you trust should be visiting the property regularly. It has to be monitored and protected.

You have purchased your dream apartment or house. It may or may not be brand new. It could be an investment property or your future home. You have just kept it vacant. You are undecided if you want to rent it out or use it when you visit the city. Just because it is vacant does not mean that you can remain idle. You still need to keep an eye on it. Is the property in good shape? Is it being vandalized or misused? Is there damage due to water? Are the windows intact? Are there any birds nesting in your windows or sun shades? As a property owner you should be doing this.

Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai
  • We will visit the property,(normally once a month, but more often if you need us to do so). Take pictures and or video and send an email it to you. Any concerns on specific issues regarding the property can be highlighted to us and we will pay attention to it.
  • If any repairs are required, we can identify a suitable service provider. Once you approve the service provider and estimate, we can initiate and supervise the repair work. We will keep you updated, from start to finish, through digital photos/videos.
  • If the property is not secured – we can arrange for Fencing or building compound wall. we can arrange to keep your compound free of undergrowth and clear garbage that may be illegally dumped in it.
  • In the event of attempt to encroach or misuse the property – we will report it to you immediately.
  • We make sure to evaluate your property yearly, at your request, if necessary and make sure all legal documents are up to date, on a regular basis. legal formalities will be checked at the beginning and end of the contract period.
  • Even if you are likely to forget, Company will keep a lookout and monitor, check your tax status and assist you through all issues.
Facility Management

Residential & Commercial Properties

You can expect nothing less than the perfect when you are in the need of maintenance at the time of any issues in the property. We will find plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and others.

Our highly qualified and experienced team provides the best Property and Facility Management services that enhance the values and preserves asset life of the property. Our Decade-old company understands the responsibilities of facility management and thus aims to provide premium quality and unique services to our customers by adopting global standard in the service industry.

We treat every project with utmost importance and commitment in order to provide 100% customer satisfaction and also to ensure that our clients have a healthy and safe environment. Our mission is to establish a strong foothold in the world of facility management solutions.

We at Promags understand your specific facility management needs and give our best in class facility management services for you to lead a stress free life.

Property Management Services and Development Company in Chennai
  • Plumbing and Water Maintenance
  • Garden & Landscape Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Painting & Floor Polishing Maintenance
  • Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance
  • Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Air-Conditioner Maintenance
  • Furniture Maintenance
Property Management
Benefits & Features

Rent Collection

You no longer have to chase tenants for rents and deposits as our team will take care of it. Every month on an agreed date.

Periodic Visits

Our team will make periodic property visits to that your property is maintained in a good condition and to make sure that no unlawful activities are being carried out.

Utility Bill Payments

Timely payments of utility bills such as electricity, water, and other bills are paid on time, our team will ensure are paid regularly.

Finance & Accouting

We manage and maintain all detailed, historical records for ready reference, such as:Paid Invoices, Expenses, Tax Payments, Water & Electricity Etc...

Legal Activities

Our team of legal experts will assist you on all legal formalities and documentation regarding the property as and when required.

Tenant Move-Out

After the agreement period is over, our team will facilitate a smooth tenant move-out procedure as well refurbish and fixing repairs the house for the next tenant.


Frequent Asked Questions

Onyx Property Management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate as used in its most broad terms. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition. Property management is also the management of personal property, equipment, tooling and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair and maintain end item deliverables. Property management involves the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property as defined above including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition.

Managing all aspects of the property, Letting out property for rent, Managing Tenants, Rental Assistance, Plot Monitoring, Property Monitoring, Renovation, Refurbishing, Follow up and Payment of Utility Bills, Inventory Check at the time of vacating, Painting and Cleaning Homes when tenant vacates, Periodic Property Inspection and reporting, Document Procurement, Rent Collection, New Construction, payment of property tax and metro water tax, Property tax assessment, name transfer with corporation / metro water and EB, Carpentry work, Modular Kitchen etc.,

Finding Tenants is part of Onyx Property Management Services. This service is available only for clients who are availing our property management services in Chennai. Renting is easy. But, renting to a qualified tenant is much harder. In our qualification process, we take several measures to ensure that the applicant is a good quality tenant. First, the Property will be inspected and market rental values will be suggested before looking for tenants. Potential tenants will be searched through paper and online advertisements. Credit check will be performed on the potential tenant. Rental Lease agreement will be drafted and the agreement between the owner and tenant will be finalized.

Collecting rent is not the only service the Property Management Company offers. Many home owners think that Property Management Company just collects rent from the tenant and their charges are high for this service. They think the rent amount is deposited directly in the bank every month. They need help only when the tenant vacates and they can get a real estate broker for the same. But the job of the Property Management Company does not end with just collecting rent. They act as the representatives of the property owner. They make sure all the utility and other dues related to the property are paid on time. They keep a watch on the property on a regular basis and inspect them and inform the property owner of any issues. When a tenant vacates the property the property management company accepts possession of the property and takes an inventory check. Property Management company also helps in getting the place ready for letting out for rent. They also assist in finding tenants. These services are well appreciated by our existing Non resident Property Management Clients who do not live close to their property.

Advertise vacant property for rent. Show available property for rent and interview prospective tenants. Screen the best candidates for your rental property by requiring written applications with references. Evaluate prospective tenants by investigating their backgrounds, personal references and employment histories. Conduct periodic inspections. Help to maintain a good tenant landlord relationship.

Onyx Property Management Fees will vary depending on what services you require, the type of property you own, and where your property is located.

Since the tenants will be living in the property we cannot disturb their privacy too often. But we routinely visit the property at least once in 6 months with prior information to the tenants. We check for any property damage and any other developments concerning the property.

We also keep in touch with the tenants over phone.

The more you are aware of how things are going with the property, the better it is. As a property manager we will send periodical reports about the property and update collection of rents and payment of taxes on regular basis.

First we assess the problem and take quotes from our own network of professionals (mason, carpenters, electrician, painters etc.,) and send a quote to the owners for approval. The rates are very competitive. We also detail the types of repairs we can and cannot do. Only after getting the approval from the property owner and payment for the same, we start the work. We will also let the property owner know the exact time frame it will take to complete the job. We report the progress to the owners and if necessary we send photos and videos. On Completion, all the statement of accounts and details of work executed will be given to owners.

We post the properties in our web site and also in social networks. We also put sign boards in and around the property for walk in clients enquiry.

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