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Plumbing Services in Chennai

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Onyx Services offers a complete range of plumbing and fitting services to industry professionals. We use latest technology, strategy formula and extensive experienced professionals to serve our client's requirements. We use Industrial pipes, PVC pipes that are certified in the industry.

Installation, Repair or Replacement like Kitchen Sinks, Bathroom Sinks, Toilets, Power Flush, Toilets, Tubs, Showers, Water Heaters, Faucets, Gas Lines, Washer (laundry), Dishwasher, Garbage, Disposal, Drain Pipes, Water Line/Pipes, Sump Pump, Backflow Protection, Tankless Hot Water Heaters, Septic Systems will be done.

Plumbing Services in Chennai | Plumbers Near Me
  • Concealed Pipeline Work
  • Sanitary Ware Fittings
  • Wash Basin / Kitchen Sink
  • Shower Faucets / Shower Cabins
  • Bathroom Fittings
  • Water Heaters / Automatic Hot Water Circulation Pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • Rain Shower fittings

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