Property Repairs And Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Onyx Services is your one-stop destination for Maintenance and Repair service in chennai.
We provide top-notch services for your properties.

Owning a home is a lot of work, and as you age, the work only intensifies. Something always breaks, the lawn constantly needs attention, or you just can't find a few minutes to repaint that damaged wall. Life never stops. But with Onyx Services, it can be a bit easier. We provide convenient home maintenance services, repairs, cleaning, and more so that you can enjoy more care-free and worry-free living. We provide free quotes to allow you to learn about our affordable services and find the right fit for you and your property.

We work specially on the following:

  •  Electrical Maintenance:
    Outlets, Switches, Service Panel, Shorts and Other Non-Operating Fixtures
  •  Painting:
    Interior & Exterior, Individual Rooms, Whole House, Nail Pops, Settling and Crack Repair, Powder Coating, Touch-Ups
  •  Appliances:
    Service, Installation, Maintenance.
  •  Plumbing:
    Drain Clogs, Fixtures, Installations, Pipe Leaks, Shower Heads, Toilets
  •  Furniture:
    Scratches, Repairs, Stripping, Refinishing, Restoring, Upholstery
  •  Glasss & Screens:
    Replace Broken Glass, Windows and Screens, Install Storm Windows & Doors
  •  Lighting:
    Bulb Replacement, Fixture Change-Outs, Lighting Design
  •  Windows & Doors:
    Replacement, Weather Stripping, Replacement & Repair Locksets, Window Washing
  •  Cabinetry:
    Repairs, Touch-Up Finishes, Adjust Drawers and Doors, Replace Hardware