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Onyx Charitable Trust is home for Child Education to improve the lives and futures of children in need. Donate Now to support a children for a better future.

Onyx Charitable Trust, A Non Governmental Organization began at 2010 where educates and empowers underprivileged children from Tamilnadu. Our mission is not only to sponsor children's education but also support them till they are gainfully employed. Onyx Charitable Trust is a growing organisation in every way: When we began, education meant paying the children's fees, Uniforms, Bags, Books & Notebooks and other stationary items and also helping them improve their study skills. Now, the education that every child at Onyx Charitable Trust gets is an all round development programme that ensures every child's physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Education is the foundation for well being. Onyx Charitable Trust believes that Illiteracy is a solemn curse and wishes to eliminate this imprecation through concerted effort. Our endeavor is to provide adequate education opportunity to every deserving underprivileged child in India.

Your contributions need not necessarily be cash offerings. Your assistance may come as support, advice or any other help that would strengthen Onyx Charitable Trust and its cause. No involvement of yours would be considered too small or insignificant. We solicit any kind of help you may be willing to offer that will build up our efforts, take us one step nearer to our objectives.

Make A Change

Make A Change, Help us help a child. Every contribution of yours is utilized towards educating a child, towards securing his / her future, towards building a better nation.

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