Tips To Harvest Rainwater In Your Home

Tips To Harvest Rainwater In Your Home

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Rain Barrel: In urban areas the rain water from roof tops are generally directed towards a wastage management system. By directing the water towards a barrel one can store the rain water and use it for future purposes. A rain barrel can be easily made with everyday household items. An old drum, bucket can be used as a storage unit. It can be linked to a pipe fitted from rooftop to collect rainwater. One has to take care that the barrel has a tight-fitting top to it so that it does not become breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Splash Block: Setting up a pit stop or a splash block to divert the flowing rainwater from rooftop pipes to structure’s foundation. It is usually a piece of concrete or plastic of rectangular shape placed below or at the end of the downspout. The rainwater from the roof is diverted with a splash block which can enhance a garden around it and will also prevents holes from being dug in the garden due to the eroding force of the pouring water.

Create a Rain Garden: Water from roof top can be directed towards a small garden which has a sunken landscape. The garden can be of native plants (which grow on their own and not cultivated) with local soil. Such gardens are called rain garden and they are usually submerged. This process helps in removing pollutants from the water and allows it to percolate into the ground.

Rain Saucer: Apart from collecting water from roof tops, a simple preparation can help one in harvesting the rain water. A small storage container (can be anything from a bucket to a drum etc) and two big funnels and some PVC pipes. The funnels can be connected via two PVCs (at least five feet above the ground) routing to the storage unit. This process is called the rain saucer and can be easily made in household.

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